Services We Offer & Extras!

Main Setup

Our main setup includes professional grade speaker system that will rock the dance floor! The speaker system includes 2 speaker tops and 2 subwoofer bases that will give your event that extra punch! The setup includes a wireless microphones for you and your guest needs throughout the event!  Lastly a custom color DJ booth and dance floor lighting! We also offer extras to accommodate for around the event!

Dance Floor Lighting!

Our dance floor lighting will illuminate your entire space. These intelligent lights are fully customizable to each event and can truly change the mood of the evening! These can be used for both indoor and outdoor events! 



We offer customized monograms for your special event that can be placed anywhere in your space! You can add names, dates or designs to anywhere in the room. These work great on the dance floor or on a wall!

Effect Machines

Effects machines can add a special feel to your event, especially around a holiday. Add a fog or snow machine to your event and get guest into the spirit!

*All need to be pre-approved by venue for use

Hotspot Speaker

Need music in different places? We offer hotspot speakers that can be positioned in different places that connects to the main setup and share the sound around the event!